credit-ability elevated

Borrowed from Latin credo (“I believe”); see creed.

We believe:

    Creedo logo markNon-Prime consumers deserve another opportunity for a financial product, especially after their application is declined by a Prime Bank or Insurance Carrier.
    Creedo logo markDeclination rates are going to continue to rise in this uncertain economic environment and customers, co-brands and financial institutions are all seeking creative and efficient solutions.
    Creedo logo markThere is a significant untapped opportunity for a Near-Prime-Bank, Fair-Credit-Bank and Insurance Carrier to build long-term customer loyalty by offering Near-Prime consumers alternative products. These consumers have credit-ability and Creedo serves to identify and place a spotlight on these prospective bankable customers.
    Creedo logo markThere is a large incremental financial opportunity for Co-Brand, Prime-Bank Issuers and Insurance Carriers to monetize applications that have historically been purged and / or thrown away without an efficient marketplace to explore - we now provide such a solution. Our API library allows for fast integration and not a large over-arching technology effort on behalf of banks.

We have built:

    Creedo logo markAn environment where Near-Prime consumers who are seeking an alternative to a Prime credit product or insurance product - can find one. We deliver an alternative to a Prime credit or insurance product and allow for customers to build, re-build their credit or become insured.
    Creedo logo markWe deliver a patent-pending API process for making all parties anonymous in our marketplace to ensure financial underwriting methodologies for each partner are completely protected.
    Creedo logo markWe created Upstream™ an Approvability Intelligence Algorithm to match declined consumers with the best alternative credit card or insurance product in the market after being informed they are not credit worthy of being approved for a particular financial product.
*This is just a temporary website, but we have spent our time constructing behind the scenes.